Windsor Workshop 2016

Many months have passed since the Windsor Workshop at the beginning of December, so we thought it was about time we post a short blog on it to encourage PhD students who may have started in January to attend the workshop this year!

The annual British Society for Geomorphology Postgraduate Windsor Workshop was held once again for 2016 at the Cumberland Lodge in the Windsor Great Park. This year’s newest group of geomorphology PhD students met for 4 days of networking and preparation for the next 3 years of their PhDs.

The week started with an introduction and the nature of the PhD – letting us know what we had let ourselves in for during the next 3-4 years! Over the course of the workshop we covered a range of topics covering the variety of geomorphological PhDs we were researching between us; from programming code to using social media to gain exposure of our research projects – all useful techniques to carry into our PhDs. We also had the opportunity to present our research projects to small groups and receive useful feedback and questions from others with different backgrounds and perspectives.

The location was lovely – a picturesque and historic location with views towards Windsor Castle. A great way to relax was going for a walk in the grounds after the information packed sessions. The food was plentiful with three course meals for lunch and dinner and substantial breakfasts – no one was going hungry! Along with a plentiful supply of tea and coffee to keep us well fuelled!



The week at Cumberland Lodge gave us the opportunity to meet with other new PhD students and experienced researchers. It enabled us to network with potential future collaborators and friends who I hope will be able to meet up at future events and conferences. It was a great week and I would recommend it to any new geomorphology PhD students!

By Anne Stefaniak, Windsor Workshop Deputy Chair.


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