The Himalayas and me

‘Oh me, I’m a glacial geologist, sort of, who studies the effect of climate change on Himalayan glaciers’ – the response I give when I am, frequently it seems, asked what I do. I always ruffle my feathers remembering how lucky I am when I get to say that. Then the moment is shattered when the question all PhD students dread is asked: ‘So what do you want to do once you’ve finished?’



My name is Morgan and I am the newest member of the BSG Postgraduate forum. Currently I am in my first year of my PhD at Aberystwyth University, trying to reconstruct Himalayan glaciers through the Quaternary, and then having a go at projecting these change into the future (basically lots of fancy computer programs I don’t quite understand yet…), with a focus on trying to work out what role rock debris on glacier surfaces play in the whole thing. The bonus of this is 10 weeks fieldwork around Everest base camp this year, quite a perk !!



So why the Himalayas? Well it has been a bit of an obsession of mine since I was young – big scary mountains, lots of ice, cool looking temples, lots of silly people trying to summit said scary mountains. It was pretty similar to my expectations when I visited Nepal in my gap year, and I fell in love with the place. On my return I headed to Edinburgh for my undergraduate degree, getting involved in the Royal Scottish Geographical Society, the Uni. Expedition Society and Brathay Exploration Group, the latter of which let me lead expeditions to Norway to explore glaciers. All of this put me in the mood for some adventure, and got me a bit obsessed with glaciers. So, when I moved to Aberystwyth, it was time to combine my sense of adventure and the Himalayas. And here I am today, looking forward to my time as part of the BSG Postgraduate forum!



Morgan Gibson


Research page


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