Staying in the Academic Loop!

When you’re studying at postgraduate level it pays to stay in the loop with the scientific community. One of the best ways to do this is through subscriptions to mailing lists and other online resources. We got our heads together and tried to come up with a good “list of lists” which cover a whole host of geomorphological interests.

Mailing lists

The following list servers will automatically send an email to your chosen address, usually every day, containing Masters, PhD, post doc and job vacancies, funding opportunities, conference announcements and networking requests from scientists. Each list has a different protocol for posting your message, and these are

  • Cryolist – cryospheric science, mainly glaciology and climate interaction. Fairly simple registration, submit your address here.
  • Geomorphlist – geomorphology. A lot of sedimentology on here. Signup procedure is a bit convoluted; instructions are here and the list homepage is here.
  • BSRG (British Sedimentological Research Group) – sedimentology. Enter your email address here.
  • Soil erosion list – soil erosion (part of the AAG). Send a blank email to
  • Gilbert club – geomorphology, with a focus on theoretical geomorphology. Send a blank email to
  • Sci-prog – scientists who program. A peer-support network for scientific programming and computing. Enter your email here.
  • Edit: Wind Erosion – a discussion list for those interested in wind erosion & aeolian processes. Joining instructions found here. Suggested by Dr. Nield at Southampton.

Zetoc alerts

Zetoc ( is a good way of staying in the loop with new journal publications in your particular areas of interest. There are two ways to do this.

The first is through email alerts; you submit your email address and then decide which journals, authors or keywords you want to subscribe to. Whenever a new journal or article is published matching your chosen criteria you will be emailed a table of contents with hyperlinks to the relevant articles.

The second way is very similar to the first but utilises RSS feeds instead of emails. This requires you to sign up for RSS reading software such as Google reader or Reeder.

If you’re subscribed to any geomorphology lists that we’ve missed then please get in touch with the postgrad team and we can add to this blog post.

John Groves
BSG Postgraduate Forum member
School of Geography
Queen Mary, Univeristy of London
Twitter / Blog


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