Post Doctoral Positions in the Virtual Outcrop Group at the University of Bergen

The Virtual Outcrop Group at the University of Bergen has a number of  Post Doctoral Positions available in the next few months.

The group specialises in the application of new and exciting outcrop data collection methods to solve fundamental geological problems. The group is currently working with lidar, heli-lidar, ground-based hyper spectral scanning and next year we will start developing the application UAVs (aerial drones) for collecting data to create photo-realistic virtual outcrops.

Details of the Group are available at

New projects next year will include:

1. Lidar based virtual outcrops and reservoir modelling in the Neslen  Fm, Utah. The goal of this study is to investigate the geometry and reservoir architecture of marginal marine bay-fill facies. (Taken)

2. Reservoir compartmentalisation in aeolian systems, a comparative study of outcrops in Utah and the onshore Rotliegend in Germany.

3. Outcrop study of reservoir analogues from the Gharif fluvial reservoirs Oman.

Anyone who is interested in joining the group and working with them next year shouls contact John Howell (


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