Reaching Out – PG Forum Meeting Outreach

On Tuesday, Tim joined in with the Outreach Committee meeting of the BSG via Skype.

The purpose of Outreach is, as the name suggests, to reach out beyond the BSG to industry, academia, schools and the public to inform and exchange geomorphological knowledge. The committee consits of David Milan (Hull), Stephanie Mills (Kingston), Thomas Coulthard (Hull) , Ann Rowan (Aberystwyth).

The key things to note for PG were :

  • PG Conference had previously been considered as a seperate event from the AGM. However, current plans look towards having a PG workshop during the AGM at Royal Holloway in 2013 (feedback on your thoughts welcome)
  • PhD memberships could be extend to 4 years and an Early Career membership introduced
  • Windosr Workshop has 30+ people signed up and Emma from the PG forum will be there to chat and give her experiences (good and bad) in a light hearted manner on the final morning.
  • Outreaching to industry and education is continuing

Stay Tuned for Windsor Workshop and more!!!


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