BSG postgraduate forum update October 2012

Last week the BSG postgrad reps had our first official meeting in our new ‘virtual forum’ format. The name change makes very little difference to the way we run, so don’t worry, we’re still here beavering away to make the BSG postgrad experience as good as possible.

We’ve had a few other changes over the summer. Samin Ahmad and John McIlroy de la Rosa have stepped down and we would like to thank them for all the hard work they put in while reps. We have also gained a new member, Martin Geach, who is already getting stuck in. You’ll be hearing more from him in our next newsletter which will be out soon. Some of our reps are approaching the final stages of their PhDs so we’ll be recruiting new forum members in the near future. Watch out for further updates, or get in touch if you’re interested in getting involved.

Postgrad reps will now be attending meetings of all BSG sub-committees (Research, Publications, Outreach) and the Executive Committee meetings throughout the year. We will also be more involved in Windsor and training workshops at the BSG AGM. Tim has already attended the Outreach committee meeting, and Emma and Dan will be at the Exec at the end of this week and will report back in due course. Emma is also attending the Windsor Workshop in December and will be on hand to answer any questions new members may have about the postgrad experience.

We’ve been making some good progress with regards to our online presence. If you’re reading this you’ll be aware of the blog we’ve set up. This is supported by our new Twitter account as well as Facebook and Flickr profiles. We’ve also been talking to Julian Leyland (BSG Web Officer) about how postgrads will be represented on the new website which will be up and running soon. The next step is to get as many people involved as possible, so follow the blog, add us on Twitter and Facebook, and encourage others to do the same. We’re looking for input on all levels so please get in touch with us via any of our online profiles. Include our username (@BSG_postgrads) in Tweets or post directly to our Facebook wall and we’ll forward stuff on. If you have a piece for the blog, email us at and we’ll get it up for you.

Phil Ashworth and Steve Darby would like to know if a grant writing workshop would be well received by postgrads at next year’s AGM (September 2013). Topics to be covered could include applying for grants to BSG, applying to NERC (and the NERC process for beginners), applying for start-up grants from others (e.g. RGS) and ‘moving on’ with NERC Fellowships. The workshop would be run by Phil and Steve. All forum members thought it would be useful but we’d like to know what you think too so please get in touch if you have any comments or suggestions.

That’s about it for now. We’ll be blogging about the sub-committee meetings and getting the newsletter to you in the next couple of weeks so watch your inboxes!


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