Geomorphology in the news

Geomorphology has been in the news a fair bit over the last few weeks. Here are some links so you can catch up on anything you may have missed.

Evidence of an ancient streambed found on Martian surface

You would have had to have been hiding under a (rounded) rock to have missed all of the reports that Nasa’s Curiosity rover is currently exploring what appears to be a dried up river channel on Mars.

Here are a couple of good summaries of what Curiosity has found:

Curiosity’s landing site on an alluvial fan:

Why we can be confident these features were formed by flowing water:

A summary of the history of evidence of fluvial landforms on Mars:

Are we witnessing the formation of a new plate boundary?

The sequence of huge earthquakes that struck off the coast of Sumatra in April may signal the creation of a new tectonic plate boundary across the Indo-Australian plate.

Landslide in Yunnan province, southern China

A landslide sadly killed 18 children and one adult in an area that had experienced significant seismic activity followed by torrential rain that triggered floods and mud and rockslides through the area.

This picture article gives an idea of scale.

 How satellite imagery is being used as part of the Disasters Charter

Satellite images from around the world help rescue operations following natural and man-made disasters. Also watch out for some stunning aerial images of the Earth’s surface.

And finally…

Photographer Daniel Kukla offers us an alternative way of looking at landscapes as part of his ‘Edge Effect’ project. His ‘Glacial Rebound’ pictures are also worth a look.


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