PDRF in Carbon Dynamics of Permafrost Catchments, at the University of Sheffield and at Durham University

The Department of Geography at the University of Sheffield, together with the School of Biological and Biomedical Sciences at Durham University, invite applications for a Research Fellow in Carbon Dynamics of Permafrost Catchments. This post is designed to provide research support in plant-soil and plant-atmosphere interactions and the application of stable isotope and natural abundance radiocarbon approaches to quantify carbon dynamics in contrasting catchment and permafrost contexts.

The principal objective of this post is to quantify and understand the biotic/abiotic controls on C fluxes in permafrost environments, with particular emphasis on the interface between the water and C cycles, and on the implications for global radiative-forcing. The successful candidate will become part of a broader research team, but with specific responsibility for aspects of the work-programme dealing with plant-soil interactions, and with surface-atmosphere exchanges of CO2 and CH4. More specifically, the PDRF and team will develop and implement a range of techniques to (i) quantify catchment-scale patterns of plant community and soil (including permafrost) characteristics, (ii) quantify CO2 and CH4 fluxes between tundra and forest ecosystems and the atmosphere, and (iii) to determine, using natural-abundance radiocarbon techniques, the turnover times of soil organic matter and respired CO2 (and possibly also CH4) in contrasting permafrost regimes. Whilst the post is joint between Sheffield and Durham (65:35% weighting, respectively), the appointee will be based in Sheffield but spend significant periods carrying out fieldwork in Northwest Territories (http://www.nwtresearch.com) and Yukon Territory, Canada, as well as possible short periods at other collaborating institutions within the UK or abroad. The opportunity offers significant potential for professional growth and exposure in Europe and North America.

The successful candidate will work under the immediate direction of Professor Philip Wookey (Sheffield) and Dr Bob Baxter (Durham), and in collaboration with Dr Jens-Arne Subke (Stirling), Profs Doerthe Tetzlaff and Pete Smith (Aberdeen), and Drs Mike Billett and Kerry Dinsmore (Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, Edinburgh). He/she will join a team comprising the above, another parallel Postdoctoral position (Aberdeen) and seven Project Partners (from the UK, Canada and the US). There is

Starting Salary will be at point ~7.32 on the academic scale (£31.798 per annum), with exact placement according to qualifications and experience.

For informal enquiries or further details, please contact Professor Philip Wookey (p.wookey@sheffield.ac.uk), Dr Bob Baxter (robert.baxter@durham.ac.uk) or Dr Jens Subke (jens-arne.subke@stir.ac.uk). The formal job advert and application procedure will be available in due course.


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