Welcome to the BSG Postgraduate Blog!

The BSG Postgraduate Committee will host this blog as a forum for postgrad members of the society to introduce and discuss their research, keep up-to-date with publicationsfunding opportunities and BSG meetings, and engage with the wider geomorphology community.

The BSG has a strong postgraduate membership, encompassing diverse interests and expertise. As we move forward in our academic careers, developing  links with other researchers and sharing our experience will become ever more crucial. The Postgraduate Committee hope this blog will help to create an online community which will be a first step in fostering discussion and collaboration amongst geomorphology postgrads.

We are looking for input from you!

Have you recently attended an amazing conference or workshop? Do you have some results or field techniques to share? Have you found a ground breaking paper you think everyone else should read?

If you have anything you want to share with your fellow postgraduates please get in touch. If you have an idea, but want some help developing it into a blog post, get in touch with one of our publication secretaries.

The blog is supported by FacebookTwitter and Instagram accounts which we encourage you to follow and tag in any Geomorphology or BSG activities you are doing or any great geomorphology you see around you. These will also keep you in the loop about BSG’s postgraduate related activities.

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